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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Norfolk Area Treasure Hunt

Today was the Norfolk Area Treasure Hunt, 18 assorted Triumphs set out from Caistor Hall Hotel for a trip around the borders of Norfolk and Suffolk, in the "Saints" area. Some tricky navigating in around 4 1/2 hours. Heres just a few photo's.
Thanks to all who entered, we raised £177 for East Anglia Air Ambulance.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

La Carrera Caledonia

So La Carrera has been and gone, what a shame this was the last run, as we thouroughly enjoyed this event, wish we had done this a few years ago.

The route was very good, some excellent driving roads, fantastic scenery, good company, nice hotels (Apart from the Dreadnought) I had forgotten how nice Scotland is.
We drove up from Norfolk to the Old Stone Trough at Kelbrook for the Pennine and Pendle Barbeque and Gymkhana, visiting family in Wetherby on the way up, followed by a scenic run to Kelbrook via Pateley Bridge and a trip up Nidd Vale.

We where made welcome at the OST by Raider, with drinks in the bar, then the Barbeque. Our results in the Gymkhana where poor, however I did not break the egg!

Day 1: After the dash in the rain to the start at Southwaite services the route was through the Border Counties, then accross the Forth Bridge to Callander, once into Scotland the day brightened up for some nice driving through Kelso, Duns, Innerleithen, then down to Moffat and up Tweedale to Edinburgh, crossing the Forth Bridge, then west to the days finish at Callander.
The Dreadnought lived up to its reputation, what a dump! and was the accordianist really playing or was the Keyboard doing all the work!

Day 2: This was even better, a nice loop round the Trossachs, then some great Lochs and Glens roads, round Loch Earne, accross Sma Glen, then round LochTay, up Ben Lawyers, and around Loch Rannoch, then through the Grampians to Aviemore and the Coylumbridge Hilton.
Weather was fair, mainly sun and cloudy patches, then rain on the run in to Aviemore.
We spent a pleasent evening in the Hilton, a very nice meal, then to the bar for drinks.

We enjoyed the company of like minded Triumph owners all throughout the event and it was good to put faces to some forum names.

The TR7 ran well, only problem with the car was when Gill hit a rock, wrecking the front nearside tyre side wall.

The only downside to the trip was the journey home, 511 miles, great driving down the A9 and A68, but from Darlington down to Norfolk on the A1 and A14 was mind numbingly boring.
Total mileage door to door was 1352 miles.

Heres hoping someone can organise something similar next year (a little farther south!)

Here are a few photos of the event.

Pennine and Pendle Meeting.

Day 1

Scotland at Last


Scottish Borders

Vitesse and Saloon in Tweeddale
Another Classic Tour we spotted near Innerleithin
Lunchtime at "St Marys Loch"
Obstruction ahead

Day 2

In the "Trossachs"
Sma Glen, Russels Mk11 Estate above having 3 wheeled round the Hairpins.
Sky brightening near Loch Tay
Heading past the village of "Dull"Stag behind near Loch Rannoch
Near the turn at the top of Loch Rannoch
Completing the loop of Loch Rannoch
Heading into Glen Garry, heavy rain ahead.
Feshiebridge, heading into Coylumbridge
River Feshie
Finishers at Coylumbridge Hilton
Heading home down the A9A68 - Northumberland

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

La Carrerra Preparations

Had a couple of hectic days after returning from our boating hols, with the "New La Carrerra" looming I had a couple of major jobs to do. Due to the back axle playing up on the way back from Duxford with some vibration and excessive whining, even after changing driveshaft bearings, and the leaking radiator, again discovered after Duxford, this was leaking from the bottom pipe to the rad, which upon closer inspection revealed that the brazed or welded joint was leaking.

So first off I had to put the 1:45 axle back in, after changing diff oil, this took up around 6 hours last Saturday, and I also remembered to change the speedo drive to match the 1:45 ratio.
1:09 axle out on the floor, 1:45 ready to go in.
Axle in, fitting brake shoes.
Job done.
All enquiries with Radiator companies drew a blank on repairing the rad in a quick timescale, not something I would attempt myself, so S & S Preperations quickly despatched one from Lancashire, this is a modern 4 row rad which supposedly gives better cooling. Changing this was relatively easy, however with the Kenlowe fan, care had to be taken to poke the tie wrap type fasteners through the core.
Radiator and fan out.
Kenlowe removed from old Rad.
All back in, filled, engine run, and no leaks.

After this there was just a few minor checks of oil, lighting and electrics, ignition circuit and plugs, plus putting together a collection of a few spares.

Heres hoping for good weather for the weekend.