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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Worcester Floods

This is the River Severn at Worcester Bridge today, The Severn is nearly to the top of the arches with the debris piling up.

Flood debris trapped under the bridge

This was the Worcester Bridge from the River Severn in June last year. Plenty of head room.

This is the state of the bottom lock at Diglis locks, Worcester, pretty much underwater.

And this was Centurion locking up in the same lock last year.

Hope all narrow boaters are safe out there.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

NB Centurion Trips 2006

In 2006 Centurion was moved to Nantwich Marina for a year, the boat was well looked after here, the turnaround for engineering jobs and maintenance was very efficient.
We where again covering old ground but we love the Shropshire Union Canal, we had our first experience of narrow boating on the Shroppie many years ago hiring from Norbury Junction. Usual story, about 5 minutes of tuition before been let loose to bump into all the moored boats and get jammed up in Grub Street. We broke down twice, had no water for a few days, and the vibration on the engine deck was so bad I had to stand on a life belt to ease the vibrations.
Gill and I had a trip up to the end of the Shroppie in a cold, wet March 2006.
Hack Green on a grey day.
Audlem Locks.
Hanging around waiting for Tyreley Locks.
As you can see by Gill all togged up in wet weather gear its not always nice weather when we go boating but we enjoy it just the same.

High bridge in Woodseaves Cutting, towpath in usual state.
Cadbury's Wharf at Knighton.
This old Riley is still garaged like this in Grub Street cutting.
Obligatory shot of the twin arched bridge and telegraph poles in Grub Street
Shebdon Wharf.
The newly piled Shebdon Embankment in 2006, the stoppage
had just finished.
Our diary says we winded at Autherley Junction before making our way back to Nantwich.
Brighter weather at Tyrely Locks.

Challenger boats at Market Drayton. This is where it all started going
wrong for Challenger and Ed Rimmer. Some of the Stealth Hire Fleet
where sold to investors more than once.
Not sure if the Tug in the middle is the same Arthur we hired privately from Market Drayton early in our narrowboating life for a slow trip up the Llangollen. It was deep draughted, with a trad engine and big propeller. We had a job getting over the cills at Grindley Brook and trouble through Whitehouse and Crick tunnels as the boat grounded.
Gill hanging around in the bridge hole waiting for the lock to fill.
Prime mooring outside the Shroppie Fly at Audlem. On our following
summer trip up the Shroppie we breasted up here with Timothy Spall
when the moorings where heaving.
We had a couple more trips up the Shropshire Union in 2006, with different family members each time in better weather.