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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

O/S Welding nearly complete.

I completed the welding of the front wheel arches over a couple of weekends, dodging showers as the car was outside.Not the easiest of tasks but the repairs are solid and robust.

There was a small patch at either end of the sill on the lip underneath, these where cut out and new metal welded in.
Next it was the rear wheel arch, initially this looked solid, but after wiring brushing with a cupola on the grinder became paper thin on the outside, and the inner was again shot, so no option but to cut it all out. I am certain that any water was not coming in from the joint of the inner to outer wheel arch as this was rammed with sealer, I think it may somehow come down from the fuel filler and run down the inside and then become trapped behind the sealer.

The rear lower section of the O/S rear wheel arch was similar, again the outer was cut away to weld in new metal firstly to inner and then the outer.

All welded up, not pretty, a little bit of filling required. Monday the car was taken to a friends workshop where it will be kept over winter, we have the ramp there so will be easier to work on the near side which will probably be worse as that is where the puddles on the road usually are.
I will have a break for a few weeks now as we have a week on our shared narrow boat coming up.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Sunday Run

Gill and I organised a little run on Sunday, this was just a short trip from Attleborough, via Diss, to Mendlesham and included both moderns and oldies. The object being to visit the excellent Chilli Farm and Deli for a light lunch and to sample some of the Chilli products.
Luckily we had great weather, nice and sunny.
White Lodge car park

Had a visit from an unusual car, GT40 Replica, Made by Tony Hare, one
of  perhaps 10 made.

Sorry to Alan in the GT40 for the big humps down the middle of the narrow lanes, I will organise wider, smoother roads next time! Sorry for rubbish photo's, camera died so I had to use the phone.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bugger, didn't expect this.

I have known for a while I had a bit of rust in the wheelarch areas, especially at front but did not expect it to be this bad so quickly. Had to cut a whole section of inner and outer wheelarch lip off, the outer not too bad but inner shot to hell, easier to remove outer to repair inner! More to do on the front part of wheelarch later.
Fair bit of rust cut away here.
New metal welded in to inner at bottom.

Outer welded up, not pretty and needs cleaning up more.
Also had bumper and air dam off to get to a few more patches.
Now I have run out of grinding discs and need some metal strips cut for other patches.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

A bit more welding and grinding.

Over the sunny weekend I managed to get a few more rust inhabited areas of the RH side of the TR7 welded and treated. Had the door off the car to get at some rust on the door bottom. The glass, seals, and quarter light had to come out to get to a couple of rust spots.
Couple of bits needed welding in the front and rear corners of door shut.
Bit of rust in the mirror mount and glass seal area's.

The bottom and side door seams where rusting well, the sealer had cracked and let water in, needed
the wire brush on the grinder, lots of rust inhibitor, and priming with Bonda Primer.
I gave myself a good dose of arc eye on the Saturday, quite unpleasant on Saturday night, After welding I looked up and saw this creeping out of the car, hope I didn't giver her arc eye too, she has a habit of creeping onto the back shelf and lying flat out in the sun under the hood window.

Next was the front wing seams which thankfully was only surface stuff, deep in the seams no rust, then wire brushed some rust on the front nose, the bumper will have to come off to do some rust spots in the small grille area.
Front rust wire brushed back.
Next I removed the rear lights and bumper and wirebrushed and Bonda primed where the rear lamp foam gaskets had held water and caused rust, had to take the bumper off in case the wire brush in a fast grinder got out of control. Not sure I will put the foam seals back on as the foam looks porous.
Hopefully weather will be OK at the weekend to do some more.