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Thursday, 3 October 2013

A bit more welding and grinding.

Over the sunny weekend I managed to get a few more rust inhabited areas of the RH side of the TR7 welded and treated. Had the door off the car to get at some rust on the door bottom. The glass, seals, and quarter light had to come out to get to a couple of rust spots.
Couple of bits needed welding in the front and rear corners of door shut.
Bit of rust in the mirror mount and glass seal area's.

The bottom and side door seams where rusting well, the sealer had cracked and let water in, needed
the wire brush on the grinder, lots of rust inhibitor, and priming with Bonda Primer.
I gave myself a good dose of arc eye on the Saturday, quite unpleasant on Saturday night, After welding I looked up and saw this creeping out of the car, hope I didn't giver her arc eye too, she has a habit of creeping onto the back shelf and lying flat out in the sun under the hood window.

Next was the front wing seams which thankfully was only surface stuff, deep in the seams no rust, then wire brushed some rust on the front nose, the bumper will have to come off to do some rust spots in the small grille area.
Front rust wire brushed back.
Next I removed the rear lights and bumper and wirebrushed and Bonda primed where the rear lamp foam gaskets had held water and caused rust, had to take the bumper off in case the wire brush in a fast grinder got out of control. Not sure I will put the foam seals back on as the foam looks porous.
Hopefully weather will be OK at the weekend to do some more.

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