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Monday, 25 April 2011

Out and About at Easter

Have been busy with the TR7 over Easter. Put a fair few miles on it, firstly used it for work most of the week, then good Friday we recce'd for our annual treasure hunt, getting in 92 miles. Saturday drove to the lock up, firstly to address the spare prop shaft I replaced on the Gold TR7 after HCR, this had slight vibration and I thought might need turning by 90 degree increments to cure, but still slighty out of balance whichever way I turn it.
Then did some work on Gills car prior to MOT, fitted replacement starter as the solonoid was a little dodgy, checked all the usual MOT items, slight leak on brake pipe so fixed and re-bled, then took some photos for the Insurance agreed value cover.
Sunday was spent on a little polishing and cleaning of the Gold one, then to a fellow Norfolk area members house to try out the new dome type gazebo, followed by a very nice barb-b-q.
Easter Monday was the TR Register Wensum Group run, around 30 cars from TR Reg, Stag Owners, CT, and TSSC met at Norwich for a run in the sun to Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge, a nice relaxed run of around 65 miles, had a coffee stop on the way at Schole Inn, near Diss, then a stop at the Queens Head in Dennington for a refreshing Aspells cider, then on by way of Framlingham and Wickham Market to Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge, TR Reg had obtained free entry to the site and a good parking area away from other cars. Spent a couple of hours there, looked at the Anglo Saxon burial sites, whilst some walked to the Deben River.
Then had a great meal at The Wilford Bridge Inn near Sutton followed by a quick run home.
Let the good weather continue.

Ready for MOT

TR4's and 5, popular colour is red.
At the Schole Inn.

More Triumphs at Schole Inn.

Line up at Sutton Hoo.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

HCR and Drive it Day

HCR 2011

Mixed feelings on the HCR this year, we had a lovely relaxed run up to the Od Stone Trough, lovely sunny day, avoided the A1 until Newark, then came off at Wetherby and went through Blubberhouses and Skipton. No car problems on the way.
In the Car park at Old Stone Trough.

The first half went ok, great driving roads looking for the first 3 reservoirs, then a drag down motorways to Derbyshire, then more great roads through Derbyshire and Staffordshire, though we struggled to find the reservoir at Buxton, we had a sat nav we had borrowed but should have learnt how to use it before we set off!! We hit a large Hare in Derbyshire which smashed the nearside driving lamp.
Problems with the propshaft started coming down the M6 from Stafford and just got worse along the M54 into Wales restricting speed to 50ish in the hope it would not break.
We managed the 2 castles in Powys before turning for Telford hoping for a steady drive through Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire/Bucks/Beds then to Essex and Suffolk.
Not the best route, it was really slow going, with delays at Telford where Network Rail had shut crossings and the diversion signs where all over the place, at one point we returned to the same shut crossing.
We where then held up for a while whilst an abnormal load was taken across a bridge near Evesham.

In Oxfordshire we saw our only sighting of another Triumph since last seeing Martin Randle at a Castle in Powys, a red Stag, looking for a border sign like ourselves.

It was getting light by the time we made Buckinghamshire, and sun was up by Bedfordshire so we had lost loads of time and at 9 we still had 98 miles to go. Down the A14 the propshaft was vibrating like crazy so we again slowed down, Gill making the call to say we would not get there untill 11am. It was suspected by whoever took the call that most would be gone from the finish by then so we just diverted into Norfolk and home which was about 30 miles nearer, a decision we should not have taken as we later learnt there where other late finishers and we could have made it although we would have lost a few points!

My only critisism of the event is that the mandatory Powys visit was just a bit too far from the finish to allow recovery if anyone has any problems and was probably more suited to those with big 6 cylinder cruisers, but then I guess other smaller engined 4 cylinder cars finished. Will do the event again though and hope for no problems.
Drive it Day

I had organised a route through Norfolk for Drive It Day, 65 miles of nice country roads, some Tulip maps so no one would get lost, we had a promise of 10 cars from CT and maybe 5 from TR Reg, but only 5 cars turned up which was dissapointing, especially as a lot of time goes into organising this type of event. Those that made it enjoyed a nice sunny day, some spirited driving saw the route to Sandringham covered quite quickly so we adjourned to the Feathers at Dersingham for Lunch and a pint. We then returned to Sandringham, a large number of classics where seen on the day, Fakenham Car Club had about 20 cars outside Sandringham House, we spotted a large group of Jaguar owners having a posh picnic at Great Massingham, and various other smaller groups along the way.

Outside Sandringham House gates.
Sandringham House Grounds

Friday, 1 April 2011

Pre HCR prep

Not much to do to the car prior to HCR, did a quick oil change today, and with an MOT due also changed trackrod ends, these had a little bit of wear, which I am sure would have failed.
Having the 4 post lift made these jobs an absolute doddle.
Looks like nice weather for the drive to Kelbrook, via York for dinner with family.