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Monday, 3 August 2009

Helmingham Festival of Classics and Sports Cars

I always look forward to this event every year, the venue is Helmingham Hall, near Woodbridge, Suffolk, the event is a large collection of Classic's, including many Stag's and TR6's , but surprisingly very few Heralds and spits, A large collection of Vintage cars, many Austins, Rileys, Rolls and Bentley, and displays of Modern Sports Cars by Piston Head Members, including DB7,s DB9,s, Maseratis, Ferraris, Nobles, Porsche, etc. The day includes a couple of fast drives up and down the 1/4 mile drive to Helmingham Hall by those willing to pay a large fee in aid of charity.

Norfolk area took along 6 cars on a nice sunny day, meeting in Eye for a 15 mile trip to Helmingham in the sun, Jim in front of me in his shiny GT6 avidly avoiding puddles from the overnight rain, myself delighting in finding them, much to the disgust of Ted and Christina in the shiny TR6 behind, sorry! Parking together, gazebo up, chairs out, Gill and I wondered round the many cars on display, before watching the runs up the drive.
Early E Type.
Left, a TR7 V8, Genuine TR8 on right.
Spotted a NG TF kit car, exactly the same as the one I built 10 years ago.

I took a liking to this Talbot Sunbeam Lotus, valued at around 20k.

Mustang powering up the drive.

Early Porsche

Very quick Lancia Delta Integrale

Nice PI, excellent paint job.

Interior shot of Lotus Evora, when I last saw this when working at Lotus, it was cramped, the +2 seats where difficult to get into, they have done a good job in widening and stretching what started as an Elise chassis.

Lotus Evora, for me resembles a Elise below waist line, and above a quick car featured on top gear beginning with K which I cant spell!


The more prestigous cars where displayed in front of Helmingham Hall, they even had their own Tea and cucumber sandwich tent.

Ultima doing a quick run.

KTM track day car.

Club Triumph Cars.

Gill took a liking to this TVR
Shes not having one!