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Friday, 30 September 2011


A bad end to a busy week, have been busy moving some heavy machinery items from an old to new factory, using a well known heavy lifting company, at the end of the day one of the contractors crushed his arm minutes before they where due to leave site. Looked quite bad when he was taken to Norwich Hospital.
Then to top it, arriving home, I managed to scrape the TR7 on a concrete fire hydrant sign that is on the edge of my drive, despite having driven around succesfully it for 4 years. Scraped the paint on the rear quarter and door as well as denting the panel.
Was going to take it off the road after today as road tax runs out.

Does not look as bad in photos but wheelarch lip and door dented.

Rear wing damage, again dented round the wheelarch.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Ride out to Henham Steam Fair

Took a ride out in the TR7 to Henham Steam Fair today, Gill hates steam events so went on my own, was a nice sunny day, perfect roof down weather, so gave it plenty of stick over some good Norfolk and Suffolk roads.
Henham is not far from Southwold on the Suffolk coast.
It is always an interesting show with lots to do, lots of Traction Engines, Trucks, vintage tractors, vintage motor bikes and cars to see. Showing a car here is by invitation only and even though we had enquired we did not get an invite so I had to pay public prices.
Liked this Mk1 saloon in grey and blue.

Showmans Engine busy generating power for fairground rides.

Vintage Dennis Ulster fire engine, and Bedford trucks.

This brought back memories, my first job in East Anglia 20 years ago was
for Marshalls of Cambridge building demountable military containers
similar to the one on the back of this Bedford Army Flatbed .

Fordson Tractors, during the 2nd World War hundreds of these where
imported into East Anglia from the US to speed up food production.
Steam Powered Galloper.

Threshing demonstration.
1938 Aston Martin sportscar.
Henham Park is only 25 miles from home, but ended up doing about 75 miles, I took a few detours on the way home through Sibton, Laxfield, Cratfield, finding some lovely lanes to cruise over, maybe an idea for a run next year.

Even found some hills in Suffolk.

Typical quiet Suffolk lane.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Norfolk Gala Day

Last show of the year with a Club Triumph stand, this was the Norfolk Gala Day on Sunday 11th September. 11 cars on the CT stand, thanks for all coming along. Was a windy day, tested the event shelter thouroughly with high gusts of wind at times. As usual plenty of attractions to keep all amused for the day. Overall attendance seemed down at the showground this year, in fact at most shows this year we have noticed attendance down, a number of factors I think, firstly most shows now charge admission, even to show a car! Secondly, high petrol prices may be keeping some classics off the road and Thirdly the recession may be biting deeper than expected. We ourselves will have to have a re-think as keeping 2 moderns and 2 classics on the road plus a share in a narrow boat is is straining the bank account. We already missed out the Auto Eccosse due to cost of fuel earlier in the year and I may take my seven off the road this winter, first time for a while to save on road tax.
A few pics of Norfolk Gala Day. 
Club Triumph cars.

Interesting Jowett Jupiter

The most Granadas I have seen in one place.

Team Lotus F1 Car.

Crayford Corsair.

Nice Mk 1 saloon, unmolested apart from Mk11 seats in Leather.

Early Morris Minis.

I won't be swapping a Seven for one of these!!

Raptor Trust display of Owls - Think this is a Tawny Owl.

Showmans Engine.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Interesting car sightings

Working at Lotus I often get some interesting car sightings, usually race cars, both new and historic on the new FIA standard track or supercars in for evaluation, etc.
Yesterday there was a Lotus Carlton, seldom seen these days, then todays sighting was a Talbot Sunbeam Lotus rally car, reg PVC 999W, having a look at its history it was the ex Guy Fréquelin/Jean Todt 2nd placed car on the 1981 Monte Carlo Rally. Also driven in 81 by Henri Toivonen/Fred Gallagher.

Talbot Sunbeam Lotus