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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Stressfull Drive Home

The one day that I went out to work in the TR7 without the toolbox in the car is the day you find problems, there was a nasty smell of petrol on the way home, so I pulled over to investigate and found this.

Fuel hose into rear float chamber was split, peeing out in a nasty spray, luckily not on exhaust side.
Off course in the small toolbox I normally carry is a spare piece of hose, tape, jubilee clips, etc.
All I had was a first aid box! so I wound bandage round it, followed by a duster tightly tied to hose which stopped it spraying over the distributer and cables, and left it just dripping instead, big drips mind you onto the oil filter and bellhousing.
Managed to limp home, worrying all the way, ditance about 10 miles, luckily without a thermal incident.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

MOT fail and pass

Took the car in for an MOT recently, did not pass first time, which is the first time in my 10 year possession, unusual failure, no headlamp beam pattern at all, it was all just hazy in the headlight beam tester with no defined pattern, closer inspection revealed that the silver coating inside of the Halogen conversion sealed beam lamp unit on both Left and Right looked as though it had bubbled, a kind of corrosion effect.
Taking them off revealed that the outside coating of the lens was also corroded. These are Wipac conversions approx 5 years old so yet another failure of replacement parts.
Not wanting to go to the trouble of HID conversion and the wiring headache that this could cause I searched Mini and Landrover forums and found that most where fitting Cibie H180 headlamps with 60/55 watt bulbs so ordered a pair from Minisport, even if using the Lucas or Wipac Quad optics Minisport are so much cheaper than the big 3 TR7 specialists and post and packing are very reasonable.
Now fitted and ticket obtained I need to try them out on a good night drive, then maybe next I will investigate how to fit relays to lights to protect the dash switch and fit the larger 100/80 watt bulbs.