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Sunday, 15 November 2009

November Ramblings

Just a few rambling notes about November activity. After having the Gold DHC on the road most of the year I have recently given it a rest in the lock up. It has done very well this year and has been mainly ultra reliable.  It completed  the HCR and another trip to Wales and a trip to Scotland and La Carrerra. Also drove to loads of near and far events plus a lot of daily drives to work. 
Mileage since 10th Jan 2009 is 8326 with no major mechanical breakdowns - so I think it deserves a rest.

While most of Club Triumph seems to be getting excited about the RBRR. I have offered my services to Andy Dann as co-driver for the RBRR. We are more excited to have got in at Tetra Rouge for the Le Mans Classic 2010 after missing out 2 years ago - so can't wait for this.

Recently we have had a wheel bearing failure on Gills FHC. Annoyingly the replacement wheel bearing was caught up in the postal strike so had to wait 2 weeks for it thus keeping the car off the road.

Offending wheel dissassembled.

New bearings ready.

Inner bearings in.

Outer bearing in.

After replacing bearings and  torqueing up, then re-fitting wheel all was ok.  Must get round to a 4 pot brake upgrade for this car next year as it has all the other upgrades such as lowered and uprated suspension -electronic ignition - Kenlowe fan - sports manifold - KN filters and uprated needles and also a Rover SDI servo therefore just needs 4 pots to stop quicker.

Away from cars I recently spent 5 days on our boat with my father.  Passing through Tesco's at Northampton for supplies on the way to the boat I found that this must be a Triumph hotspot as I spotted 2 Triumphs in the car park:  a yellow Dolomite 1500 and a blue TR7 V8 which looked a bit of a beast.


TR7 beast.
Here are a few  hopefully atmoshpheric Autumn like shots taken around Braunston on the Grand Union Canal.  Braunston is a busy canal junction with canals heading for London - Birmingham and Rugby. Also  with further branch canals a few miles away leading to Oxford and Leicester.  There is a large boating community resident there.

Working boats.

Peacefull Mooring.

Braunston Manor and Church.

Converted windmill.

Canal Service Area!


Busy Junction.

Finally its good to see another TR7 in the Norfolk area as one of our Triumph Kleptomaniacs has just taken delivery of this Gold TR7.