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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Idle TR7

Not a lot to report on the TR7 front from Norfolk, Gills FHC is stored away in the barn as we normally do every winter. Mine is unused and unloved at home, with the combination of bad weather and the short hours at work last year I have had to SORN it for a few months to save some money.
Only work carried out has been the replacement of the BAL needles with some richer BCA needles I aquired from Burlem.
Suspecting wrong needles I had finally found my Triumphtune booklet after a long search, The recommendations for needles listed in the booklet are:

Standard Set up-----BDM needle
+ K+Ns ------------BDA needle
+ extractor manifold----------BAL needle
+ fast road cam-----BCA needle
so with my Stage 2 Cylinder Head Specification of:- Heavy Polish and port and Fast Road Camshaft, the BAL needles where not correct.

You can see the richer, slimmer needle in the middle of this shot. They are quite easy to replace, I also took the float chamber covers off and cleaned out some small particles in chambers, and checked needle valves.
I then tried to tune up as best as I could with a old colour tune kit I have had for a while, dont think its too far out, but I will need to take to an SU specialist when re-taxed in March for a proper tune up.
I have to say I have missed using the car, but with the weather we have had it is best I had it SORNed as temptation to use it in the snow would have been too great!! I would have ended up in a ditch.