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Monday, 28 January 2013

HS2 line and the canals

Just been having a look at the proposed HS2 lines from Birmingham to Leeds and Manchester around the Midlands, some quite significant crossings of canals in this area which are not far from where our boat is at the moment.
These include:-
The Manchester line crosses the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal immediatley below Curdworth Lock 5, Leeds line parallel to the canal at this point.
The Leeds line crosses the Coventry Canal at Pooley Fields near Polesworth.
The Leeds Line crosses over the River Trent and Cranfleet cut within view of Trent Falls on a large viaduct.
The Manchester line crosses the Trent and Mersey at Fradley and the 2 lines straddle Kings Bromley Marina.
The Manchester line crosses the Trent and Mersey at Great Haywood and is not far from Tixall Wide, so that will no longer be tranquil.
The Manchester line runs parallel to Stone and not too far away.

I am sure there are loads of other impacts not only to canals.

Not good.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Troublesome fan unit.

With the snow thawing on Saturday I was able to get the TR7 in to the back garden, its been too cold to work on it for 2 weeks. The Kenlowe fan thermostatic control has gone haywire again so needed changing.  After another a complaint to the suppliers about the unit (the unit is electronic, they do not seem to like the cold and wet which as it has to fit under the bonnet seems silly) and having to supply proof of correct wiring to them, they had sent me a third unit to install.
I am now getting a bit of a dab hand at fitting them, however the wires back to the ignition and forward to the fan are getting shorter each time. Used bullet connectors this time which should make it even easier next time.
Third unit in place, see how long this one lasts.

I took the car out for a spin in the thawing snow to set the fan cut in temperature.
It was thawing quite quickly as the temp had risen to around 8 degrees.

Made it to the top of our local "mountain" this time.

Sunday we joined other Club Triumph members for a Sunday lunch at The Windmill at Great Cressingham, between Swaffham and Watton. Nice lunch and good company. After heavy overnight rain the snow was all gone, just large puddles and localised flooding everywhere.

On the way back we stopped at the Desert Rats memorial on the edge of Thetford Forest. This was the first place I drove to in the TR7 on a test run after I restored it over 10 years ago. We then lived in Swaffham about 12 miles away  for a few years after moving from St Ives.
Desert Rats memorial.

Monday, 21 January 2013

More Snow Pics

Sunday I had a ride out and a couple of short walks around the area. I was hoping for a bit of sun for some decent snow pics, but not to be.
First walk was was around Mendham, the road was still snowy and the snow covered village looked pretty.

Mendham Church

Pink cottage.

View over the Churchyard.

Roads still icy on the Sunday.

Flooded a few weeks ago, now snow covered.

I then wanted to head up the thing which passes as a mountain round here to take a overall view of the Waveney Valley.
The muddy bit on the right marks my limit of
forward movement.
I then had to reverse down and I made my way to Brockdish for a walk across the meadows to Syleham Mill.
Footpath to Syleham.
Path seems to disappear through the bushes.

River Waveney at Syleham.

Through the woods.
Young calf at feeding time.
After Brockdish I drove back to Needham for a quick walk along Mill Lane, passing this view of the icy bushes where they had been splashed.
Ice Formation.

The converted Mill buildings, now a nice residence.

The main part of the Mill.

Waveney, Downstream of the mill, will all be flooded when
the snow melts.

It was then home for a warm up and Sunday lunch. More snow was forecast Sunday for 3pm, the forecast was quite accurate as the snow started at 2-30.
That will mean another tricky journey to work.

Friday, 18 January 2013

More Snow

After a long week of struggling to work at 6-30 every day in snow and ice I was looking forward to a stress free ride to work today, no chance, it dumped it down again overnight with another couple of inches.
So the half hour turned into an hour and I was late again!
The scene over the ponds at work.

Snow covered Lotus's, these are development vehicles not customers.

Thankfully Fridays I leave off early so managed to snap a few snow photos on the way home.

The rear wheel drive has been a hand full this week, but managed to keep
on the road.

Pretty much the state of the roads this week.

Though turning slushy on the way home.

Did not fancy one of my usual shortcuts today.

The way home.

TR looking abandoned, already cleaned the first lot of snow, now
have to clear more.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


First snow of 2013, a good covering this morning in Norfolk, 30 minute journey to work this morning turned in to over an hour.
View over Lotus Test track this morning.

View towards the long straights, not used today unsurprisingly.

At lunch time there was a fresh fall of snow which left my car in the car park at Lotus looking like this at home time.
Fresh Snow.

The journey home was even worse as the fresh snow turned to ice, traffic into and out of Norwich was gridlocked, it took me one and a half hours to do the usual 30 minute journey.
Gills 10 minute journey from Eye, near Diss took an hour as the A140 was jammed from Diss to Norwich.
The joys of motoring in the snow. Sorry for the rubbish phone pics.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

First run out of the New Year

We should have been at Old Buckenham Airfield today for a New Year Fly in and Classic Car Drive in, however this was cancelled last week due to a waterlogged grass runway and fields. I think even if it had gone ahead there would be no flying activities as there was thick fog today which has not lifted.
Been at a loose end I gave the TR7 a clean then took it out for a quick spin.
I visited Homersfield first, having a look at the oldest concrete bridge in the country. This was built in 1870 and restored in 1995 and has a plaque from the Institute of Civil Engineers.
TR at Homersfield Bridge.

Homersfield bridge, the River Waveney no longer in flood, but you
can see the flattened reeds where the flood levels reached.

View across the bridge, only for pedestrians and bikes now.

I then carried on to Flixton, stopping at the Air Museum which was surprisingly open.
Had a quick wander round the planes before making my home via St Cross and the back roads.

TR in front of the Gloster Javelin, the worlds first twin jet delta wing
fighter. Built 1958, as old as me then.