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Friday, 18 January 2013

More Snow

After a long week of struggling to work at 6-30 every day in snow and ice I was looking forward to a stress free ride to work today, no chance, it dumped it down again overnight with another couple of inches.
So the half hour turned into an hour and I was late again!
The scene over the ponds at work.

Snow covered Lotus's, these are development vehicles not customers.

Thankfully Fridays I leave off early so managed to snap a few snow photos on the way home.

The rear wheel drive has been a hand full this week, but managed to keep
on the road.

Pretty much the state of the roads this week.

Though turning slushy on the way home.

Did not fancy one of my usual shortcuts today.

The way home.

TR looking abandoned, already cleaned the first lot of snow, now
have to clear more.

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