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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Having a blast

Following our busy weekend, on Monday evening I managed to obtain a mileage accumulation car from work, It was a Lotus Exige S in a lovely blue colour. With 20k on the clock it was well run in.
Parked next to the TR7 at home I was surprised how large it looks.
Shame about the one on the right:-)
I had to put approx 100 miles on the car as they where validating certain items, so we set of for a ride to Southwold, via a couple of friends houses to give them a quick spin.
Had a stop at Flixton air museum for a photo.
We then had a really exhilarating ride to more friends who would accompany us to Southwold in their Lotus Elan SE.
It is really easy to scare yourself in this beast, the acceleration is unbelievable, the rev range very long, still pulling at 7k rpm, even when cruising along in 5th or 6th just booting it will easily allow you to overtake quickly, drop it down a gear and it fly's. The brakes and road holding are fantastic, as you expect from a Lotus. Quality is vastly improved over the previous Exige and Elise's, however as it is still by all means a track car their is little in the way of luxuries.
Elan SE and Exige S, Thirty years between them.
The last of the Elan's, like the Elan SE above where I believe the closest Lotus came to comfort and performance at a reasonable price. The current Evora is luxurious, comfortable, and sporty but it is in a higher price range. Hope to bring one of them home shortly.
We headed off on a fast run to Southwold in the evening sun in the 2 Lotus's, firstly stopping in the town for fish and chips before finding somewhere to take the dog.
Quick walk with Toby the dog.

We then headed for Blythburgh for drinks at the White Hart, before heading home on a circular route to get the miles required.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sunday - North Norfolk Railway Vintage Transport Day

The year is flying by, it was already time for our favourite Norfolk show of the year. The North Norfolk Railway Vintage Transport Day at Holt Station was on Sunday 7th July, we have never had anything other than a very hot day in about 5 years of supporting this show. Unfortunately no chance of a lie in as we have to arrive between 9-30 and 10am tp park the cars. We had a good turnout of Triumphs on our pitch although I think a couple where interlopers.
We virtually abandon the cars on the field for the day as for showing the car everyone gest free travel on the trains and vintage buses all day, we normally only arrive back at the car late afternoon for a rest before the drive home.
So around 10am Gill and I took the early train into Sheringham from Holt, drawn by GWR 56xx 0-6-2 Tank.

Club Triumph Area.
GWR 56xx 5619 running round at Holt Station.
We arrived at Sheringham to have a stroll around this pretty North Norfolk coastal town. Only unfortunate thing was a Morris Dance festival in the high street, not my cup of tea, but I suppose you have to keep traditions alive.
High Street, managed to avoid photos of the Morris Men. Some of them have painted their faces black!!
Sea Front.

We had a lunch appointment with other members of our group at The Lobster, Gill and I arrived first to sit in the sun with our drinks, other members wanted to sit under a large gazebo out of the sun where there was a group playing, loudly, even worse Country and Western and Sea Shanties, spoilt the Crab sandwiches for me but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. Funny how all their songs are about far away, but far away they where not. Sadly they didn't know any heavy stuff!
Gill and I returned to Holt Station after lunch, we had a choice of transport at the station, either the vintage buses or the train, we chose the train. We just missed the Diesel hauled service and again where behind the 56xx. The LNER B12 was also running however we only saw it at Weybourne where the services passed.
GE/LNER B12 passing at Weybourne.
Fisherman's cottages.

Southend Transport Bristol K Double Decker from 1939.
D2755 English Electric Type 3 ready to depart Holt, known as Growlers for their distinctive sound.
We left the train at Holt Station to board a vintage bus into Holt town, we where lucky to get on the last journey of the day for the Huddersfield bus.
Huddersfield Corporation Daimler with East Lanc's Body Work, this takes me back to my youth, we
used to travel on these from Huddersfield Railway Station to Mold Green visiting my gran and
grandad at weekends.

Holt is a pleasant market town, a little upmarket with property well sought after, it has some nice quiet streets with unusual architecture, and the very large Gresham Private School. We browsed a few shops and galleries, then had a cold drink out of the hot sun.

Note the unusual window and door detail, some form of Alms houses.
Gill browsing the galleries.
We returned to Holt Station about 4pm and headed for the shade of the club gazebo and more cold drinks.
Eastern Counties Bristol Low Dekka from 1954, our transport back to Holt Station.
Did not really have much chance to look around the cars, but we did spot another TR7, a FHC, quite a rare sight for Norfolk.
TR7 FHC, did not get to meet the owner.
Another great day out in Norfolk and the weather just unbelievably hot.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Heveningham Hall Wings and Wheels.

Just had a busy summer weekend, we have been out every day starting with Saturday at Heveningham Hall Wings and Wheels and Country Fair.
This is a show that has taken over from Henham Wings and Wheels, which was cancelled last year due to bad weather leaving the organiser's with large bills. As it was a Saturday show we only mustered 5 Triumphs who enjoyed a very hot day.
A lovely setting, Heveningham Hall.
Gazebo deffo needed as we where well frazzled. Shame about the sign!
Just love Meerkats, will it get on with Misty the cat?
There where probably about a 100 cars on the Saturday plus a few military vehicles and tractors. Plenty to do though with craft and food tents, airplanes landing on the grass runway, and lovely gardens to look round.Fancied a go at the clay shooting but at £13 for about 20 shots thay did not get my custom.

Flower show in the Orangery.
Original hall water supply,water pump from a well.
We where treated to an air display by The Blades display team, twice in fact, flying single wing Expert EA 300's, all ex Jaguar and Red Arrows pilots,they put on very good display but difficult to capture on my camera.

Back to the cars, a decent selection of vintage and classic where on show. A few that caught my eye follows.
With my last name I was interested in this Duncan Healey, an early example of a pillarless saloon from 1947, powered by a Riley 2.5 engine, at 105mph it was the fastest saloon car of its time, 36 made, 6 survivors.
Mk 11 RS Mexico, Had one, stolen from Cambridge and stripped and burnt out. Still want one.
Delta Integrale, WANT ONE. Had one of the ones behind too.
Imp, had one, rarer than this, mine was a Stilleto Imp, if only I had the means to keep them.
Gill stroking a Boa Constrictor. 
Walled Gardens.
And another walled Garden.
Restoration project.
And tucked away in a little courtyard the owners Ferrari.
F12 Berlinnetta I think.
Clayton and Shuttleworth Traction Engine and Vintage tractor.
All in we had a really good day with good company, it was very civilized in our gazebo, Gill made a nice picnic lunch which we had with ice cold Pimm's, and later cool wine was offered round. Mind you I was glad to hit the road on the way home to get some air over my body, nice blast through the country side of about 17 miles. No lie in tomorrow though, another show coming up on the Sunday with an early start.