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Monday, 13 December 2010

December Update

Thought an update was due for December, I have had the master cylinder back for a few weeks for the blue DHC, but it was always too cold to work on it where it is immobilized in the garden.
We did not have much snow in Norfolk, but it turned into a solid block of ice overnight that took ages to thaw.
I would recommend Past Parts for any brake items, they did a good job and a quick turn round and having a look around the workshop they are capable of restoring brake parts for almost every classic.

Re honed and sealed cylinder.
Once there was a break in the weather this was fitted, the brakes where bled with my new Gunson easy bleeder, uses the air in the tyres to force fluid into system, another useful tool. After sorting a dead battery, the car was started only to find a water leak on the hose under carbs, probably frost damage despite fresh anti freeze so I have still not got the car to the barn for winter.

The DHC got its axle back last week with a new crown wheel and pinion fitted, again good service from a local transmission repair specialist, this was fitted to car last week, but I still have to fit brake shoes and brake springs on, it was just too cold in the barn, my hands where freezing. Hoping for a mild spell at the weekend to get this sorted.