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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Stag Owners National Weekend

Still playing catchup with the blog,3 weeks ago a bunch of Club Triumph members where invited to show cars in the Stag Owners National Weekend "Triumph Timeline" at the Norfolk Showground,
Norfolk area been on the doorstep supplied a lot of the Triumphs, Dave Aspinall took his early GT6 and 2500 PI, whilst Julie Aspinall showed her lovely Spitfire, Gill and I took both our DHC TR7 and FHC TR7, Andy Dann took along a Mark 1 PI Estate, Paul Girling showed his Herald convertible whilst Ed and Pauline Hubbard showed an early Vitese.
A group of us camped on Friday and Saturday night, primarily to celebrate Alan Hancocks 70th Birthday with a Barbie and a few glasses. We attended the Meet and Greet supper on the Friday night, a pleasant meal followed by a quiz which our group won, questions where on Norfolk so no surprise there. This was followed by a version of the horse racing game with Stags instead of horses, money been placed on different coloured Stags, no fortunes made here though. Was a good weekend with some friendly Triumph and Stag owners. Weather was a little unkind on the Saturday, stayed dry for the barbie though.
A few Pics.
Birthday Boy

Triumph Roadster

Selection of Spitfires and GT6

Other early Triumphs

A group of modified Triumphs

Club Triumph Stand

Triumph Timeline - The TR cars. There should have only
been 1 of each car, however the display in the arena was hi-jacked by
the TR Register in order to get all his members in the timeline,
hence you will see 4 x TR6, 2 x TR5, 2 x TR4 etc.

The earlier TR,s in the timeline.

Commentary with Graham Robson ex Triumph and BL

Correct line up of TR's.

Some of the 300+ Stags on display.

Timeline of other Triumphs, Herald, Vitesse, saloons, etc.

Collection of interesting Stags in the hall.

Wing Commander Ken Wallace and Little Nellie.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Helmingham Festival

Getting behind with my blog again.
7th August was Helmingham Festival of Classics and Sports Cars. Loads more cars than last year on show despite a higher charge to show a car, both classic and modern sportscars where in abundance, though the normally fast drives up and down the Hall road are getting a little tame, there being a couple of dips in the road, causing front spoiler damage which slows the faster cars down.
Usual Norfolk Club Triumph crews attended, meeting at Stonham to convoy in to the show.
A few pics follow.

One of the few cars which managed any speed on the Hall Drive.

GT6,s from Suffolk.

Trio of Spitfires from the Netherlands on a quick tour of UK

Russels Estate, did not manage to find him on site.

E type and Healey 3000

Couple of Historic rally cars

Panhard and early TR

Another car I drool over, RS 2000 droop snoot

Helmingham Hall

More snug than a TR6 Ted! Lotus Eoropa.

Lancia Monte Carlo, fantastic condition, I turned a rust bucket one of
these down once.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Strut Brace

Have been thinking about a Strut brace on the DHC for a while, I tried a strut brace a friend in Bury St Edmunds has developed for a V8 but this will not fit, it fouls on SU carbs, so today I experimented with a couple of bits of wood, some 2d patterns of the strut top mount and have come up with a concept.

Paper templates and wood to obtain measurements.

3d drawing of complete brace, have made this adjustable.

Close up rendering of mounting plate and tube end.

Now have to generate the 2d drawings for manufacture and get a sample made up to try it on the car before plating.
Pretty sure it will clear a standard air filter, but not sure if it will clear Sprint engined cars.