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Monday, 24 October 2011

Repair Quotes

Had to re-tax the TR7 convertible in order to obtain quotes for re-painting the damage when I scraped it at the end of September.
The quotes from the big car and commercial specialists where ridiculous, much as expected, however after speaking to the insurers it seems I can use whoever I like within reason. So off to some local sprayers who provided some very reasonable quotes, not just for the repair but also a full repaint.
Unfortunately on one of these trips I must confess to playing petrol roulette, and losing!
Damm low fuel warning light which normally indicates I am right on the limit has stopped working.
Had to be rescued with a can of fuel by Gill much to her disgust.
Nice place to run out of Petrol.

Outcome of all this is that the car will be re-sprayed early next year.

Gill has now decided to sell her TR7 drop head coupe now the season is over, had it up for sale for a few weeks now, had a couple of nibbles but no firm offers yet. 
1981 TR7 DHC for sale.

Had another spot of an unusual classic at Lotus today, a Jaguar XK140 on German plates, very nice condition too, and apparantly finished the Modern Mille Miglia recently, phone pic not very good though.
Jaguar XK140 Coupe.