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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

August 2016 Cruise

Last week Father and I spent a week on the boat together, we left Welton Hythe Marina around 1 pm Saturday, aiming to moor in Braunston by the evening, I had traveled from Norfolk, father had come from York on the train, then push biked from Rugby to Welton Hythe, at the age of 81.
We passed through Braunston Tunnel, only passing one boat midway, Braunston locks where not particularly busy with boats, however there was a music festival so plenty of revelers about, plus a strong smell of weed in the air.
Welton Hythe Marina.
Grand Union near Norton Junction.
Lock Buddies at Braunston.
The Home Brew Boat at Braunston.
Link to Home Brew Boat here - https://nbareandare.com/

We moored the other-side of Braunston on the Northern Oxford Canal with a good view of Braunston Church, looking very nice in the Evening Sun.
Braunston Church.
On the Sunday we headed for Hillmorton Locks, quite busy now with a lot of hire-boaters about, we moored below Hillmorton for lunch before moving forward onto the water-point for a top up.
Duplicated locks at Hillmorton.
Here Father made a silly jump to the bank, which has a soft edge with overhanging grass, he missed the bank and went in between the bows and the bank. I dragged him out, a bit shaken and with grazes to the front of his legs. Hot tea and a shower later and plenty of Savlon he announced himself OK to carry on. We cruised on through Rugby, Newbold and the tunnel before mooring near Brinklow for the evening.
One of many Bridges over course of old canal.
Monday we cruised on towards Hawkesbury Junction, father now had a fair amount of bruising on his legs and a suspected calf strain, my quest was to find him some deep heat or similar at Hawksbury, quite a walk before I found some.
Heavy vegetation growth Near Ansty.
Hawkesbury Junction.
We moved on, taking the 90 degree turn at Hawkesbury Junction and headed down the Coventry Canal to Marston Junction, turning on to the Ashby Canal. We passed through Hinckley and moored near  Higham on the Hill.
Bridge 1 on the Ashby Canal.
On Tuesday father decided he needed the medical center at Market Bosworth for a second opinion on his leg, so we pushed on through Stoke Golding, Sutton Cheyney, and past the Battle of Bosworth site before mooring. He was only able to see a nurse who recommended a heat rub for the calf and a second opinion at a Hospital. therefore we immediately turned and headed back to the start of the Ashby, mooring for the night near Burton Hastings. Later that evening he would not consider a taxi to Coventry or Nuneaton Hospital, there where no A and E facilities at Hinckley. The heat rub seemed to work so he was happy to wait until we got back to the car.
Near Stoke Golding.
Stoke Golding.
NB Waiouru at Bosworth Wharf. http://www.narrowboat-waiouru.co.uk/
Wednesday we where away early from Burton Hastings with the intention of making Hillmorton, Dad was ok steering as he could take the weight of his foot using the seat in our Semi Trad steering area. We made good time to Hawkesbury Junction, turned onto the Northern Oxford and cleared Ansty and Stretton before lunch. Then it was on to Rugby and Hillmorton locks.
Near the end of the Ashby Canal.
Thursday we had a late start, we passed what used to be Blue Haven Marine, where NB Centurion was fitted out and launched 13 years ago, and the Launch ceremony at the Old Royal Oak next door.
NB Centurions Birthplace.
Then it was up the Braunston Locks with lock buddies, a slight delay between 3 and 4 with an empty pound, then through the very busy tunnel, had to hold for a while at the very bendy section with 3 boats coming towards us, did not want to get jammed up there.
Approaching Braunston bottom lock.
We made it back to Welton Hythe by mid afternoon, father was put in a chair on the bank to rest his leg whilst I cleaned and polished.
Back in Welton Hythe Marina.
Friday we took a trip to Northampton General Hospital A and E. Pretty good service as we only waited about half an hour. Took me longer to find a parking space! The report was no real damage and a referral to his doctor in York to check on the bruising this week.
We had lunch out and a look in the library before heading back to the Marina to sort out diesel, gas, and pump-out, the Marina had completed a few booked service items whilst we had been away.

We had fine and sunny weather for the week, father worked out we had done about 91 miles, 20 Locks, 4 tunnels and using about £56 worth of diesel.
He declared himself fit enough to ride his bike to Rugby Railway station on the Saturday morning, he would not use Long Buckby, which was nearer, nor would he leave his bike behind!

Away again in 2 weeks time.

PS, We spotted the mighty NB Caxton on route, Paul, we hope this brings back happy memories, our thoughts are with Elaine and you at this difficult time.