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Saturday, 28 February 2009

B----y Bushes

Spent a few frustrating hours this week removing the bearings and the bushes from the axle halfshafts, for those who dont know the seal and bearings are held on to the halfshaft by an interference fit bush which is pressed on (3 ton force the manual says) and then a circular clip installed. BL workshop manual says to drill the bush to weaken it, and then use a cold chisel to break it. Drilling was not that easy, result a few burnt out drill bits, then breaking the bush with a cold chisel was hard work, the bushes where stronger than the chisel blunting it in seconds, even after sharpening and quenching. I persevered, and managed to eventually break them. Once the bush is of the bearings still stick fast to half shafts and also had to be smashed off.

Not much to show for a few hours work!

Next step was to remove the pinion oil seal, repack the bearings and replace with a new seal and gasket.

After painting the pinion cover plate, brake back plates, driveshaft flanges, hub retaining plates, and rear cover it was time to re-assemble the halfshafts, here is where I thought I had a good memory, I placed the hub retaining plates, oil seal, and bearing correctly on the first halfshaft, but put the bush on the wrong way round, totally forgetting it has a recessed area for the circular clip which should face up.
I only realised this after I had drifted it part way on! I then had to devise a way to drift off the bush without damaging it, I could not clamp in a vice for fear of damaging the surface too much, so inserted a couple of 6mm metal strips in the gap between the bush and bearing, clamped them tightly between two sturdy benches, then gave the halfshaft a good wack with a copper mallet, luckily the bush was not on too far and came out easily.

This is the correct way, recess facing upwards.

Circular clip in place

From here re-assembly was easy, I used new Stainless steel bolts for cover plate, driveshaft cover, and hub retainers. I then de-greased axle surfaces then sprayed remainder of axle over a couple of days.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Tight Squeeze!

Finally finished opening out the tight pathway down the side of the house, took down the pedestrian gate and fence panel, and broke out the concrete post.
This allows me to squeeze the cars into the back garden to work on them on a flat and level surface rather than a sloping driveway covered in gravel.

Tight Squeeze!

Makes an interesting view from the conservatory! Next step is a garage unless the credit crunch realy hits.

Having entered the HCR Coast to Coast Run this year I decided to finally fit a map light which was bought from Ebay some time ago, I chose to fit it to the centre console, within reach of driver and passenger. This I wired direct to the battery, in case of failure elsewhere and unclips from the holder on a short wander lead. Tested this out on the run to the CT Norfolk Area meeting on monday night and it is very effective and bright.

Also took the opportunity to check out the state of the front discs and pads on the convertible, still plenty of wear on these and no leaks in the brake system. I then checked over the suspension for wear and checked out all the bolts. All seems OK at the front.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Busy weekend

Had a fairly busy weekend, firstly picked up the rear axle from the shotblasters late Friday afternoon, got it home and rust proofed it prior to dismantling. Was a bit worried that some debris from grit blasting would have got into the casing, but all is ok.

Saturday was moving day, out of the container we rent on a farm to part of a clean, dry, storage shed on a friends property. I took the opportunity of dumping a large amount of TR7 stuff that I have no need for and have been unable to dispose of on Ebay. Namely 2 dashboards that where slightly damaged, 2 fuel tanks of dubious quality, various door and trim panels well past their day, an amount of door glass and rear screens with chips and scratches, various bumpers parts either scratched or cracked, plus numerous rusty brackets and other items.

This left me with all of my V8 parts I may need if ever I take that option, ie Bellhousing, Gearbox, Shortened Propshaft, Rear axle with correct ratio, V8 lowered subframe, Radiator brackets, and a few other bits and pieces.

Also moved a 2 ltr block, a couple of boxes of TR7 electrical and mechanical stuff, and various household items to move, including a cooker we have stored for the daughter, all of which easily fitted in a Citreon van and the Mondeo.
Sunday we moved the TR7 FHC, via home to give it a wash and a polish as it was in a state where the container roof had leaked rusty water on to it, some of which got onto the blue mohair roof.

Above: Previous Storage in summer, the container with the open doors was mine, its different now in the yard, cant move for junk! Its goodbye to the yellow rusty Spit on the castrol container.

FHC in new storage area, with room to move!

Sunday I went to collect some K & N Minilite replica wheels, always liked these, however they will need cleaning and powder coating. yet another project! when will I learn. Will probably put these on the Gold TR7 which, with lowered, uprated, and hard bushed suspension + MGF alloys with low profiles has quite a harsh ride, will put the mgf alloys on the Blue TR7 which has softer suspension.

K and N Minilite Replica

Also managed to complete the step back at home, will be glad to get back to work for a rest!

Sunday, 8 February 2009


Not a lot of Triumph action this week, mainly due to weather, not as much snow as other places. Took a drive to the new lock up on Saturday to try it for size, easily get 2 cars in with room to work and some storage. Just got to sort out new locks and move everything next week.
Had a dry day today so carried on with the rust on the Gold DHC. Another rub down of the cill joint, more rust cure, then sealed with some industrial adhesive/sealer. Looks a mess now but will be Ok when painted.
Sealed up.

In between waiting for rust cure and sealer to go off I carried on with another project, the aim of this one is to get the cars in the back garden down a narrow gap between the house and the neighbours fence. Eventually I hope to build a garage in the garden ( Recession and council dependable). I have recently built a new gate at the back, which today I gave another coat of wood preserver, then I demolished a 8 inch step to the kitchen door which would have impeded the car down the gap.
Step removal.
New rear gate.
Next step will be to remove the front gate and fence to allow car access, will be a tight squeeze as it narrows down at the front leaving around 100mm each side of TR7 wing mirrors.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Optronics Fitted

Wipac Optronic headlights turned up very quickly, excellent service from the suppliers, I fitted these on Wednesday during my dinner hour at work, they are an improvement on the previous ones, dip is however still dissapointing, maybe I am expecting too much in comparing with the Mondeo. I think I will fit some Cibie driving lamps for the HCR, I had some brackets for mounting to under the bumper, so will have to search the junk in the lockup.
Had a couple of frosty drives into work this week, but I put the car away when it turned wet, too much salt about.

Looked at another lock up on Saturday for the other car and spares which are currently in a 40 foot container which does not allow any work, I need to save money, credit crunch and all that, this one is slightly nearer, I wil have part of a large storage building with own access door, this is better value and I will be able to do mechanical stuff with room to move under cover.

Snow returned to Norfolk today, only a slight dusting, but heavy snow expected tonight and tommorow.