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Monday, 16 February 2009

Busy weekend

Had a fairly busy weekend, firstly picked up the rear axle from the shotblasters late Friday afternoon, got it home and rust proofed it prior to dismantling. Was a bit worried that some debris from grit blasting would have got into the casing, but all is ok.

Saturday was moving day, out of the container we rent on a farm to part of a clean, dry, storage shed on a friends property. I took the opportunity of dumping a large amount of TR7 stuff that I have no need for and have been unable to dispose of on Ebay. Namely 2 dashboards that where slightly damaged, 2 fuel tanks of dubious quality, various door and trim panels well past their day, an amount of door glass and rear screens with chips and scratches, various bumpers parts either scratched or cracked, plus numerous rusty brackets and other items.

This left me with all of my V8 parts I may need if ever I take that option, ie Bellhousing, Gearbox, Shortened Propshaft, Rear axle with correct ratio, V8 lowered subframe, Radiator brackets, and a few other bits and pieces.

Also moved a 2 ltr block, a couple of boxes of TR7 electrical and mechanical stuff, and various household items to move, including a cooker we have stored for the daughter, all of which easily fitted in a Citreon van and the Mondeo.
Sunday we moved the TR7 FHC, via home to give it a wash and a polish as it was in a state where the container roof had leaked rusty water on to it, some of which got onto the blue mohair roof.

Above: Previous Storage in summer, the container with the open doors was mine, its different now in the yard, cant move for junk! Its goodbye to the yellow rusty Spit on the castrol container.

FHC in new storage area, with room to move!

Sunday I went to collect some K & N Minilite replica wheels, always liked these, however they will need cleaning and powder coating. yet another project! when will I learn. Will probably put these on the Gold TR7 which, with lowered, uprated, and hard bushed suspension + MGF alloys with low profiles has quite a harsh ride, will put the mgf alloys on the Blue TR7 which has softer suspension.

K and N Minilite Replica

Also managed to complete the step back at home, will be glad to get back to work for a rest!

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