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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Tight Squeeze!

Finally finished opening out the tight pathway down the side of the house, took down the pedestrian gate and fence panel, and broke out the concrete post.
This allows me to squeeze the cars into the back garden to work on them on a flat and level surface rather than a sloping driveway covered in gravel.

Tight Squeeze!

Makes an interesting view from the conservatory! Next step is a garage unless the credit crunch realy hits.

Having entered the HCR Coast to Coast Run this year I decided to finally fit a map light which was bought from Ebay some time ago, I chose to fit it to the centre console, within reach of driver and passenger. This I wired direct to the battery, in case of failure elsewhere and unclips from the holder on a short wander lead. Tested this out on the run to the CT Norfolk Area meeting on monday night and it is very effective and bright.

Also took the opportunity to check out the state of the front discs and pads on the convertible, still plenty of wear on these and no leaks in the brake system. I then checked over the suspension for wear and checked out all the bolts. All seems OK at the front.

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