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Sunday, 8 February 2009


Not a lot of Triumph action this week, mainly due to weather, not as much snow as other places. Took a drive to the new lock up on Saturday to try it for size, easily get 2 cars in with room to work and some storage. Just got to sort out new locks and move everything next week.
Had a dry day today so carried on with the rust on the Gold DHC. Another rub down of the cill joint, more rust cure, then sealed with some industrial adhesive/sealer. Looks a mess now but will be Ok when painted.
Sealed up.

In between waiting for rust cure and sealer to go off I carried on with another project, the aim of this one is to get the cars in the back garden down a narrow gap between the house and the neighbours fence. Eventually I hope to build a garage in the garden ( Recession and council dependable). I have recently built a new gate at the back, which today I gave another coat of wood preserver, then I demolished a 8 inch step to the kitchen door which would have impeded the car down the gap.
Step removal.
New rear gate.
Next step will be to remove the front gate and fence to allow car access, will be a tight squeeze as it narrows down at the front leaving around 100mm each side of TR7 wing mirrors.

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