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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Optronics Fitted

Wipac Optronic headlights turned up very quickly, excellent service from the suppliers, I fitted these on Wednesday during my dinner hour at work, they are an improvement on the previous ones, dip is however still dissapointing, maybe I am expecting too much in comparing with the Mondeo. I think I will fit some Cibie driving lamps for the HCR, I had some brackets for mounting to under the bumper, so will have to search the junk in the lockup.
Had a couple of frosty drives into work this week, but I put the car away when it turned wet, too much salt about.

Looked at another lock up on Saturday for the other car and spares which are currently in a 40 foot container which does not allow any work, I need to save money, credit crunch and all that, this one is slightly nearer, I wil have part of a large storage building with own access door, this is better value and I will be able to do mechanical stuff with room to move under cover.

Snow returned to Norfolk today, only a slight dusting, but heavy snow expected tonight and tommorow.

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