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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Wet Weekend

Bit of a wet day here in Norfolk, Saturday OK, but poured down all day Sunday so no progress on the axle or rust repairs. Saturday I took a 240 mile round trip to the TRDC AGM at Rothersthorpe near Northhampton, mainly all dual carriageway, car went well, no faults to report with the TR7 DHC other than the lights which are awful on dipped beam.
These are halogen conversions of dubious make, with Osram nightbreaker bulbs. They are so poor that I have to use foglights at the same time. So today I ordered some Wipac Optronic Halogens from Mini Spares which should be an improvement. Another job on the to do list. Should be easy to change over, I may also fit relays and a direct feed from the battery to protect the now scarce Lucas light switches as all the current goes through the switch and damages the contact, I have gone through 2 of these in 2 years. Hardest part will be deciphering the wiring diagrams, as the TR7 light wiring is a nightmare.

My 7 at the Rothersthorpe meeting.

Grinnal V8 at the meeting.

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