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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Tin worm is back.

Sunday 18th - Its about 6 years since I restored the Gold DHC, last year it was outside for most of the time as when we moved we could not find a house with a garage in our price range as Suffolk is a little pricey. I am now starting to see some rust problems on this car. The worst is at the bottom of the B Pillar panel with cill joint. I should have welded these up fully at the time. The joint was red leaded, filled with a sealant and painted, however over time the paint has cracked, and looks as though it has let moisture in, and small blisters are starting to show.

Today I peeled out the sealer along the whole joint, this revealed there was surface rust along the whole joint. I sanded the rust back to metal using emery glued to a scraper, the rust had extended round into the door shut, then I blew away all the dust and applied sume Hammerite cure rust.

Next problem is on the crease line of the passenger door, again it looks as though the paint has cracked, allowing moisture in. I sanded back the rust and applied cure rust.

Would have done more, but the shower head broke in the house giving me an excuse for a trip to Beccles Homebase and back. Too cold for the hood down.

Have a few more areas to tackle next week. In the meantime I will have to look for some painters in this area.


  1. Andy I have added your blog onto the Club Triumph site. I need to send you a welcome message please let me know your forum ID.

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