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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Not the Norfolk Area New Years Run!!!!!!!!

Today was the Norfolk Areas New Year Run, it had snowed a fair bit yesterday, and I had taken the seven out for a quick spin, very slippy on my wide Avon tyres, but at the end of the day it looked to be thawing. Woke up this morning to a further light covering of snow, underneath which was pure sheet ice.

Early morning snow and ice.

After cleaning the snow and ice of the car, warming it up, and getting ready to go out, along came more snow to ruin my efforts.

More snow.

So we set off via the petrol station which is only around 1/4 mile away, the car was all over the place, slightest touch on the throttle or brakes had it slipping around, real scary stuff in a rear wheel drive with wide low profiles, so after sliding out of the petrol station I wimped out and took it home and got the Mondeo out.
Good job as it happens, as the shortcut to the A140 via Pulham was impassable, even in a modern front wheel drive.
We took the A143 which looked like this, slippy as hell and no sign of any gritting, so glad I did not try in the seven, Gill was having kittens as we wheel spinned to Diss.

Slippy A143

Some silly sod had managed this.

After Diss the A140 was fairly clear, upon arrival at Caistor Hall we found only 2 Club Triumph members had made it in a Triumph, Andy Danns TR7 and Tonys Herald, we had 6 CT drivers in their Euroboxes, so I did not feel too bad at not having made it in Triumph. 4 Stags from the Stag Owners had made it, the editor of Triumph World was guest driving one of the Stags for an article, so a Club Triumph showing would have been good. Damm the weather.

Caistor Hall Hotel, Cars lined up for photos by editor of Triumph World.

Alan (steaming) had produced a rather good Tulip diagrams of the route, however he advised against doing the run, even in a modern, so the CT members drove to Wymondham for a meal at the Keys, whilst the Stags attempted the run, which to their credit they completed, I think they described it as "loads of smiles per mile" Their skinny tyres helped I am sure, well done.

We will discuss running the route again in better weather at the next meeting. Thanks to Alan for producing and reccing the route.

Happy New Year to all CT members and groups.