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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Stag Owners National Weekend

Still playing catchup with the blog,3 weeks ago a bunch of Club Triumph members where invited to show cars in the Stag Owners National Weekend "Triumph Timeline" at the Norfolk Showground,
Norfolk area been on the doorstep supplied a lot of the Triumphs, Dave Aspinall took his early GT6 and 2500 PI, whilst Julie Aspinall showed her lovely Spitfire, Gill and I took both our DHC TR7 and FHC TR7, Andy Dann took along a Mark 1 PI Estate, Paul Girling showed his Herald convertible whilst Ed and Pauline Hubbard showed an early Vitese.
A group of us camped on Friday and Saturday night, primarily to celebrate Alan Hancocks 70th Birthday with a Barbie and a few glasses. We attended the Meet and Greet supper on the Friday night, a pleasant meal followed by a quiz which our group won, questions where on Norfolk so no surprise there. This was followed by a version of the horse racing game with Stags instead of horses, money been placed on different coloured Stags, no fortunes made here though. Was a good weekend with some friendly Triumph and Stag owners. Weather was a little unkind on the Saturday, stayed dry for the barbie though.
A few Pics.
Birthday Boy

Triumph Roadster

Selection of Spitfires and GT6

Other early Triumphs

A group of modified Triumphs

Club Triumph Stand

Triumph Timeline - The TR cars. There should have only
been 1 of each car, however the display in the arena was hi-jacked by
the TR Register in order to get all his members in the timeline,
hence you will see 4 x TR6, 2 x TR5, 2 x TR4 etc.

The earlier TR,s in the timeline.

Commentary with Graham Robson ex Triumph and BL

Correct line up of TR's.

Some of the 300+ Stags on display.

Timeline of other Triumphs, Herald, Vitesse, saloons, etc.

Collection of interesting Stags in the hall.

Wing Commander Ken Wallace and Little Nellie.

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