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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Troublesome fan unit.

With the snow thawing on Saturday I was able to get the TR7 in to the back garden, its been too cold to work on it for 2 weeks. The Kenlowe fan thermostatic control has gone haywire again so needed changing.  After another a complaint to the suppliers about the unit (the unit is electronic, they do not seem to like the cold and wet which as it has to fit under the bonnet seems silly) and having to supply proof of correct wiring to them, they had sent me a third unit to install.
I am now getting a bit of a dab hand at fitting them, however the wires back to the ignition and forward to the fan are getting shorter each time. Used bullet connectors this time which should make it even easier next time.
Third unit in place, see how long this one lasts.

I took the car out for a spin in the thawing snow to set the fan cut in temperature.
It was thawing quite quickly as the temp had risen to around 8 degrees.

Made it to the top of our local "mountain" this time.

Sunday we joined other Club Triumph members for a Sunday lunch at The Windmill at Great Cressingham, between Swaffham and Watton. Nice lunch and good company. After heavy overnight rain the snow was all gone, just large puddles and localised flooding everywhere.

On the way back we stopped at the Desert Rats memorial on the edge of Thetford Forest. This was the first place I drove to in the TR7 on a test run after I restored it over 10 years ago. We then lived in Swaffham about 12 miles away  for a few years after moving from St Ives.
Desert Rats memorial.

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