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Sunday, 6 January 2013

First run out of the New Year

We should have been at Old Buckenham Airfield today for a New Year Fly in and Classic Car Drive in, however this was cancelled last week due to a waterlogged grass runway and fields. I think even if it had gone ahead there would be no flying activities as there was thick fog today which has not lifted.
Been at a loose end I gave the TR7 a clean then took it out for a quick spin.
I visited Homersfield first, having a look at the oldest concrete bridge in the country. This was built in 1870 and restored in 1995 and has a plaque from the Institute of Civil Engineers.
TR at Homersfield Bridge.

Homersfield bridge, the River Waveney no longer in flood, but you
can see the flattened reeds where the flood levels reached.

View across the bridge, only for pedestrians and bikes now.

I then carried on to Flixton, stopping at the Air Museum which was surprisingly open.
Had a quick wander round the planes before making my home via St Cross and the back roads.

TR in front of the Gloster Javelin, the worlds first twin jet delta wing
fighter. Built 1958, as old as me then.

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