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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Waveney Valley Floods Dec 2012

Had a run round in the TR7 today to look at the flooded Waveney Valley after the heavy rain of the last few days. No houses at threat, just a few roads, the road to Wingfield near the gravel pits

Wingfield Road.

I then headed for Needham and the Mill, the first part of Mill Lane was flooded, again the TR7 got through, then by the Mill the road was again flooded, but it had a clear flow of water on it, I saw a 4 x 4 come through and it was halfway up his wheels so chickened out of this one.
Mill Lane, Needham, easily got through this.

But did not chance this at the other side of the Mill.

I then turned round and made for Mendham, the whole of the valley meadows was under water here.
Looking up towards Needham.

Near Mendham Bridge.

I then headed for Homersfield but I was baulked again by a flooded road, looking at this flood it was quite deep and not worth chancing.
Flooded Homersfield Road

Looking down the Waveney Valley to Homersfield.

I called it a day then and returned to Harleston, at least the wheelarched are now free of mud.

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