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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Go get a tree she says.

Now we already have a Christmas tree, and a cat that takes great interest in it.
Cat and Tree in Lounge

So we normally have a large tree in the lounge and a smaller one in the dining room, usually a real one, but this year Gill wanted a fake one to save having pine needles everywhere, so on her way to Norwich for Christmas Shopping today she popped into Cherry Lane to view some, then texted me to say can I go get it. Now it been a nice day I thought I would take the TR7 and have a blat through the lanes. After all a 5ft tree would only be in a small box.
Nice drive to Cherry Lane, then went looking for the 5ft tree with cones Gill asked me to get, what she had forgotten to tell me was the display model was the last in the garden centre and she wanted it without fail!!!
As the shop was heaving with customers, they could not spare anyone to dismantle it, then the box was missing, I did get a discount for this, and it was carried out to the car in one piece for me to try to disassemble.
It did not come apart easily, the result been.

Loads of room left for gear changing and looking left, not!

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