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Monday, 21 January 2013

More Snow Pics

Sunday I had a ride out and a couple of short walks around the area. I was hoping for a bit of sun for some decent snow pics, but not to be.
First walk was was around Mendham, the road was still snowy and the snow covered village looked pretty.

Mendham Church

Pink cottage.

View over the Churchyard.

Roads still icy on the Sunday.

Flooded a few weeks ago, now snow covered.

I then wanted to head up the thing which passes as a mountain round here to take a overall view of the Waveney Valley.
The muddy bit on the right marks my limit of
forward movement.
I then had to reverse down and I made my way to Brockdish for a walk across the meadows to Syleham Mill.
Footpath to Syleham.
Path seems to disappear through the bushes.

River Waveney at Syleham.

Through the woods.
Young calf at feeding time.
After Brockdish I drove back to Needham for a quick walk along Mill Lane, passing this view of the icy bushes where they had been splashed.
Ice Formation.

The converted Mill buildings, now a nice residence.

The main part of the Mill.

Waveney, Downstream of the mill, will all be flooded when
the snow melts.

It was then home for a warm up and Sunday lunch. More snow was forecast Sunday for 3pm, the forecast was quite accurate as the snow started at 2-30.
That will mean another tricky journey to work.

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