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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Stressfull Drive Home

The one day that I went out to work in the TR7 without the toolbox in the car is the day you find problems, there was a nasty smell of petrol on the way home, so I pulled over to investigate and found this.

Fuel hose into rear float chamber was split, peeing out in a nasty spray, luckily not on exhaust side.
Off course in the small toolbox I normally carry is a spare piece of hose, tape, jubilee clips, etc.
All I had was a first aid box! so I wound bandage round it, followed by a duster tightly tied to hose which stopped it spraying over the distributer and cables, and left it just dripping instead, big drips mind you onto the oil filter and bellhousing.
Managed to limp home, worrying all the way, ditance about 10 miles, luckily without a thermal incident.

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