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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Norfolk Gala Day

Last show of the year with a Club Triumph stand, this was the Norfolk Gala Day on Sunday 11th September. 11 cars on the CT stand, thanks for all coming along. Was a windy day, tested the event shelter thouroughly with high gusts of wind at times. As usual plenty of attractions to keep all amused for the day. Overall attendance seemed down at the showground this year, in fact at most shows this year we have noticed attendance down, a number of factors I think, firstly most shows now charge admission, even to show a car! Secondly, high petrol prices may be keeping some classics off the road and Thirdly the recession may be biting deeper than expected. We ourselves will have to have a re-think as keeping 2 moderns and 2 classics on the road plus a share in a narrow boat is is straining the bank account. We already missed out the Auto Eccosse due to cost of fuel earlier in the year and I may take my seven off the road this winter, first time for a while to save on road tax.
A few pics of Norfolk Gala Day. 
Club Triumph cars.

Interesting Jowett Jupiter

The most Granadas I have seen in one place.

Team Lotus F1 Car.

Crayford Corsair.

Nice Mk 1 saloon, unmolested apart from Mk11 seats in Leather.

Early Morris Minis.

I won't be swapping a Seven for one of these!!

Raptor Trust display of Owls - Think this is a Tawny Owl.

Showmans Engine.

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