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Monday, 13 April 2009

Drive it Day

Last Sunday we did a recce for the Norfolk Area contribution to drive it day, it was a lovely day for hood down motoring along the Norfolk Coast but was quite busy, probably due to the start of School holidays. We had intended to include the Real Ale shop near Holkham Hall, but it was a touch too far for an afternoons run. Hers hoping for good weather on 26th April.

During the week I wired in some driving lights ready for the HCR, this should have been simple, ie: feed from battery, relay trigger from main beam circuit, however the relay would not trigger out, seems like some residual current still goes through wire to relay no matter where I pick up the relay tigger in the main beam circuit or how clean the earth and contacts are. It works OK for some but not for me!
In the end I fed the relay trigger from sidelights and fitted an illuminated switch on a small plate under the Radio/heater console. this is quite easy to reach in practice, just a quick drop of the hand from the steering wheel to turn off. The relay is mounted to a spare hole in the LH of engine bay. The lights look a lttle like overkill alongside the foglights, but are effective, so ok by me.

Other jobs completed in preparation for the HCR where a gearbox oil change, I wimped out on this as access to the filler plug is dire without a pit or ramps and so got Anglian Triumph to do this, they also changed the speedo drive back to suit the 3.09 axle which I had forgot when I swapped the axles over.

I also changed the oil and filter myself, and generally had a good check of hoses, electrics, etc.

Easter Friday and Monday where spent finding clues for the Norfolk Area Treasure Hunt on June 21st, this year I am sticking to one area of a 2.5 miles to the square inch map which I can then copy and give one to every entrant, they can then plan and scribble on these. The hunt for clues around the villages and towns is quite difficult without them all being "samey" but I think we have some good ones this year in a realy pretty area on the Norfolk/Suffolk border with some challenging navigating round small country roads required.

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