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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Electric Kenlowe Fan Thermostat

As my Kenlowe fan controller with the horrible probe that sits in the radiator hose had gone haywire recently, I searched around and found a single speed, electronic controller by Kenlowe where the probe is fastened direct to the rad. Purchased over the net, this was fitted at the weekend. I already had the wiring in place via a relay, including a over ride switch and a light to tell me when operating, the new unit comes with a wired in relay so it was just a matter of removing the old relay and controller and re-wiring.

Old Kenlowe Thermostat controller. Wish the car still looked like this!

New unit with built in relay fitted, also has fuse fitted to fan feed.
Over ride switch and fan light just under radio on centre console.

New temperature probe on surface of rad, white staining and rust on rad is evidence of leaking top rad hose where the in-hose probe went. Once fitted engine was run up and temp set by a small adjuster on body of Electronic controller. That was Saturdays job.

Sundays job was to help fit a 4 post lift into a friends barn.
I picked the lift up from work for £25, a bargain, this was surplus as part of my job in clearing space for a new Lotus production line. It is a Laycock 4 post lift, a hydraulic ram operates wire ropes in each leg, thus lifting all 4 corners together. It came disassembled, so we spent a couple of hours working out how to put it together. It will be wired up this week, there is 3 phase in the barn so lucky there. Will be a usefull asset when finished. First job will be the donuts on the barn owners early Lotus Elan, part of the deal is I wont be charged for the space.

Another job this week was to drop in my KN Miniator wheels to the platers. The low profile Avons on my MGF wheels are past their best and much too solid and harsh, so will put some standard tyres on the smaller Miniators, hopefully giving my poor old back a better ride.
Miniator prior to plating.

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