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Monday, 11 July 2011

TR Drivers Club National Weekend

Gill and I attended the TR Drivers Club National weekend at Billing Aquadrome which celebrated 30 years of the TR Drivers Club, this was on the same weekend as the Grand Prix which did not help attendance.
Some really nice TR7's and 8's, I thought I had spent a fortune when restoring our FHC and DHC, but some of these guys mentioned crazy money. No rally cars this year which was a shame.
Only took the DHC as entrance fee at Billing is a bit steep and used approx £40 petrol so theoretically saved a bit.
Weather was changeable on Sunday, we had a shower when on the road run.
Thanks to Chris, Jim, Simon, and Phil who did all the organising and all those who helped.
Some pics.

Some of the Drop head coupes lined up, Persian Aqua Blue seems
popular, knew we should have taken Gills FHC.

A few early cars, fantastic TR2.

Genuine TR8's, the Blue A reg had a reputed 15k spent on it. There was also
another A reg and a D reg, these being some of the 18 auctioned
TR8 factory cars not registered till after production ceased.

Nice TR7 V8 conversion.

A good selection of the rarer Fixed head coupes along
with a couple of Grinnals.

TR Drivers Coke Car, owned by Chris Turner.

Lined up for the afternoon run.

Like this shot, got away from a junction quicker than the followers.

The obligatory pub stop.

Good views of Northamptonshire from the pub car park.

Winding through the lanes.

Not a bad day, 270 miles in total, caught with the hood down in a thunderstorm on way home, a little wet when we finally put the hood up!
Finally have a weekend without shows coming up to catch up on home stuff. Then the Club Barbecue at the Norfolk Area Monday night meeting.

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