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Friday, 18 November 2011

Strut Brace

Arrived back today from a week on the narrowboat to find the parts for the Strut brace I had previously drawn have finally arrived.
Tried it out on the FHC first, only problem was I had made the holes for the turret top a bit tight at 8.5mm so had to open out to 9.5 as a couple of the studs up through the turret seem to be at a slight angle.
All fits ok now with plenty of clearance to bonnet and inlet manifold.
Then took it off and bolted to the DHC, dropped straight on with no adjustment needed on bar, so both cars turret position is identical even though the DHC has had new turret tops welded on.

Strut brace on FHC.

In its final position on DHC.

Took the DHC for a quick spin with the Strutbrace on, it makes a great difference to the feel of the front end, seems more precise in corners, visibily less scuttle shake, and seems firmer.

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  1. Andy, been looking for a tidy strut brace for my TR7 and just found this post. Must say it looks a pretty tidy job, do you have any more info about how you got it made that you would share?
    Cheers Russ Cooper


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