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Monday, 1 April 2013

Drive it day Route Checking

Sunday turned out to be one of the better and warmer days of Easter in Norfolk, even with a couple of snow flurries, so we decided to check out the route for Drive it Day due to take place on the 21st April.
I had planned the route with O/S maps and the use of Google earth to check junctions and road signs, then written the route out and we just had to drive it and check for correct signs and junctions, I think Norfolk was last mapped on Google earth in 2009 so there where a couple of minor changes.
Pickenham, between Swaffham and Watton, still not warm enough for Gill
to put up with the hood down!

Typical Breckland Lanes, long and straight between the trees.

Heater on, hence the leaves against the defrost grilles.

Today was spent helping a friend remove the engine and gearbox out of a rotten TR7 at Beeston, near Dereham.
Not a easy job when the unmovable car has been beached on gravel for 7 years.
He also got rid of a rusty old Spitfire today too. Pictures not good due to crappy camera phone.

Rotten TR7.

Rotten Spitfire.

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