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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Time to tackle the rust.

It is exactly 10 years 5 months since the TR7 was restored but sadly it has started to show signs of rust over the last couple of years, I expected it to last a bit longer but have to admit I have let it go and should have sorted some of the blemishes sooner.
I thought I had better make a start this week.
Firstly I sorted out the scrape from last year, merely a matter of knocking out the door panel and a couple of spots on rear wing, removing rust, protecting, and filling.

Next was to start tackling where the cill finisher fixings fit in to the front wing, the front hole was very bad, quite perforated, and was easily put through, glad to say the cill underneath this is ok with nice clean painted metal underneath. There was a couple of small rust spots at the cill/wing joint, but again looks ok inside.

I had a bit of rust around the aerial hole, so that was next. Will tackle the rear deck seams later in the week, these where attempted a while ok but have come through again.

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