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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

NB Centurion Trips 2007 (Cont)

More from the past trips of NB Centurion.
In 2007 we took a trip down to Bath in June, and to Bath and part way down the River Avon in October.
Not a long journey from Bradford on Avon to Bath but very pretty and tranquil.
Near Limpley Stoke.
Nice house and gardens.
Our diary says we had good weather for a few days in June until we got to Bath. We spent a night at Dundas on the visitor moorings.
Dundas Wharf.
Start of Somerset Coal Canal.
The following day we passed through Bathampton and into Bath, dropping down the 6 locks onto the River Avon and up the Avon to moor below Pulteney Bridge and Weir.
Moored at Bath.
In June we spent a couple of days looking round Bath and Bristol before making our way back to Bradford on Avon.
Suspension Bridge.
Avon Gorge.
Entrance to Bristol Floating Harbour
SS Great Britain.
In October we went downstream as far as Saltford Lock which was out of commission forcing us back to Bath, annoyingly did not see any stoppage notices before we got to the lock, we would not have made it to Bristol as Gill won,t do tidal.
Coming back up the Avon.
Entering the start of the Kennet and Avon Canal. 
Sharing Bath Deep Lock.
We shared the locks before mooring for the night at Bath Top lock. Spending a couple more days in Bath, finding nice restaurant's and looking round the city with my father.
Bath Top Lock Visitor Moorings.
We then headed back to Bradford on Avon, passing under Cleveland Tunnel with the old Canal company headquarters above it and then through Sydney Gardens, pausing so father could take a photo of the steam hauled Bath Spa Express in the cutting running through Sydney Gardens.
Cleveland Tunnel.
Passing Sydney Gardens.
We moored for the night at Claverton Pumping Station, one of the volunteers kindly opened it so we could have a quick look around.
Claverton Pumping Station.
We moved on back to the marina the following day, pausing at Avoncliffe Aquaduct for a drink at the Cross Guns Inn under the aquaduct.
Avoncliff Aquaduct.
We spent the last day having a look around Bradford on Avon. Some interesting buildings in this lovely town but it is blighted by traffic.
Bradford Windmill, now a hotel.
Thatched cottage with leaded windows.
Christ Church - Bradford on Avon.
Abbey Woolen Mill.
Town Bridge.
Georgian Lodge - Bradford on Avon.
That was it for the Kennet and Avon, the following year would see NB Centurion moved to Pyrford marina on the River Wey.

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