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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Llangollen Canal May 2014 - Day 5

After a peaceful night at Maesbury we set off around 9am to the winding hole at the end of the current limit of navigation of the Montgomery Canal. Through the lift bridge, a neat winding then back up the canal.
Gronwen Wharf - Limit of navigation.
Near Maesbury Marsh.
Up the three Aston locks we passed Queens Head and entered the narrow section up to Heath Houses, then a couple of long straights up to Perry Aquaduct.
Former Packet Terminal for passengers at Heath Houses,  a service ran between
Newtown and here for passengers to change to the nearby railway.

Former basin for the nearby bone works.
We arrived early again for our passage up Frankton locks with a similar chaos, this time exaberated by a female volunteer with no clue whatsoever so another long passage up the locks. She kept us waiting in the middle pound which was again low, resulting in a tipping boat. The chap in the nearby house told us it was his daily entertainment watching boats grind to a halt in the muddy pound. Apparently the lower locks when rebuilt are of differing dimensions causing a shortage of water in the middle pound when under heavy useage.
Pulling over in the middle pound to wait for downwards boats.
Frankton Staircase Locks.
We turned left onto the Llangollen passing Maestermyn and Hindford, then tackling the 2 New Marton Locks, topping up with water at the top lock, then cruised past St Martins Moor.
Entering a narrow section after St Martins Moor we passed a large number of hire boats heading home to the various bases, we cheekily winded at Lion Quays, plenty of room for a 62 footer to turn, then headed back to St Martins Moor to moor for the night. We will complete the journey to Llangollen when next on the boat in July.
Near St Martins Moor
St Martins Moor
More fishing whilst father took his turn at preparing the evening meal before settling down for the night. Not a drop of rain today for a change.

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