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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Wrenbury to Llangollen July 2014 Day 5

Time for the return journey to Wrenbury. I never tire of steering so travelling the same route does not bother me, there is always so much to see, watching the wildlife, change of seasons, buildings, etc.
Another sunny day saw Centurion leave the basin around 10am. Toni and Stephen where on walkie talkie duty clearing us through he first and second narrows.
Setting off for Walkie Talkie duties.
Heading downhill.
Heading for the last narrows.
The start of the last narrows section has a tricky bend with bridge hole to negotiate, don't want to meet an upcoming boat here. After the narrows we carried on down, the boat touching bottom as we had on the way up near Bridge 33W.
Narrows with tricky bridge.
Not only taking dogs for a walk, but parakeet too, some strange sights.
\Looking back in one of the wider concrete lined sections.
Reaching the end of the Llangollen section we turned into the Trevor arm, Gill had an urge for ice creams, mooring not allowed for anything other than Anglo Welsh narrow boats in the first part of the arm so we turned in the transhipment basin, and I hung about at the bridge hole whilst they dashed off for ice creams.
Trevor Transhipment Basin.
Butty Susan moored at Trevor.
Hanging about waiting for ice cream.
We left Trevor, across the aqueduct, finding a mooring at Fron for lunch and a closer look at the Aqueduct.
View of Stone Pillars and Cast Iron.
Underneath View.
After lunch we moved on, down through Chirk, through Whitehouse Tunnel to Chirk Tunnel, easy going now we have the flow with us.
Entering Chirk Tunnel
Leaving Chirk Tunnel.
Heading for the Aqueduct at Chirk.
Chirk Aqueduct
Chirk Bank
We grounded again at the Poachers Pocket, so going with the flow does not help the draught too much. We quickly got through the 2 New Marton Locks before mooring for the evening just after Hindford.
Mooring at Hindford.
Throughout the trip I had to spend an hour with Toni each evening building an airfix model Tornado F1 thatToni had brought with her, apparently when growing up I spent lots of time with her brother building airfix planes, boats, tanks, etc and not much time with her and she felt left out! So now she was catching up:-)
Tornado F1, Still got to paint it.

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