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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Henham Steam Fair Sunday 21st September

Bit of a catch up blog
On Sunday 21st September a friend and I went to Henham Steam Fair at Henham Park, Suffolk. This is usually the last show of the year that I attend, this time as a paying customer.
Quite a big show with plenty to see and loads of tat to look around. We started of at the Vintage cars as Richard had a couple of friends with old cars, he was hoping to see some Austin A70's, maybe a Hereford or Hampshire as he will be shortly taking delivery of a project A70, but no such luck, nearest was an A50.

Austin 7
We then spent time looking around the vintage bikes, where his bike knowledge and reminisces was imparted on me, interesting stories even though bikes are not my cup of tea.
Next up was tractors, hundreds of them of all shapes and sizes and plenty of Lend /Lease stuff from WW2 when the USA sent thousands of tractors over for the war effort. Richard, from an agricultaral background knew a fai bit about these too.
British Field Marshall Tractors.
After lunch our next port of call was the Steam power, some very nice machinery on display, including a replica of Richard Trevithick's first steam road vehicle "Puffin Devil"
"Puffin Devil"
A couple of Marshall Steam engines where on display, Marshall and Sons started in Gainsborough, Linc's, they eventually become Field Marshall making diesel tractors in WW2 as the picture above, after WW2 they merged with Fowler and Sons of Leeds, again building tractors, small railway engines and bulldozers, before buying the Leyland Tractors name and models and continuing under this name until the 1990's.
Marshall Traction Engine.
Marshall Road Tractor
Sawing Demonstration.
Later in the day we had a look around all the auto jumbles, again on the lookout for Austin A70 stuff, then it was the commercials and military vehicles before spending a bit of time in the Classic Car section talking to friends before heading home.
Nice Pickford's collection.
Even somewhere to sleep.
That's it for shows this year, we have a couple of drive outs for pub lunches planned for some winter Sundays in 2014. Hope spring comes round soon.

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