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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Euston Rural Pastimes

In June we attended the Euston Rural Pastimes event with Phoenix Cherished Vehicle Club, this is at Euston Park near Thetford.
We had a pleasant top down drive to get to this very good event, there where plenty of vehicles on show including cars, trucks, tractors and steam engines.
This year we took a tour of the farm estate in the morning,behind a tractor, the estate which stretches over 6200 acres has arable and pig and poultry farming with some amazing statistics, 45 miles of irrigation pipes, many miles of tracks, 60,000 pigs raised per year, and they grow many crops and vegetables, the smell of the onion fields was very strong.
Some of the arable land and the tracks used by farm machinery.
Managed woodland for wildlife.
After lunch we then looked around the vehicles and all the various side shows and stalls before sitting out in the sun chatting and generally chillin.
Nice Manta GTE
Vauxhall Cresta
PCVC Cars,

Some of the vintage trucks.
Steam Power.
Later we had a look in the estate church, there was a flower festival inside, spent some time watching the show horses before a flypast by a DC3.
Euston Church.
Another good day with good company, this one will be on the list again for next year.

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