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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Forncett Steam Museum Open Day

I recently returned to Forncett Steam Museum, a private collection of old industrial Stationary Steam Engines, I had visited here before with father when the engines where not running. The museum is owned by Dr R Francis, his father, Col Roy Francis was behind the Wells and Walsingham Light Railway.
Vickers Armstrong 150HP engine used to open Tower Bridge in London.
Dr Francis was on hand to give a well informed guided tour of each of the Steam Engines including starting each one in turn and told how the museum and collection grew and was built as he was offered more and larger engines for his collection.
First engine which started the museum collection, a horizontal open crank single
cylinder engine.
Hick Hargreaves 50HP engine from a Mill with Corliss Valve Gear.
"Spruce" half of a pair of 50HP Beam Engines from a Staffordshire
 Water Company.
Robey 200HP Tandem Compound Mill Engine used to drive
machinery at Sleaford Maltings.
Inverted 600HP Triple Expansion waterworks pumping engine from
Dover Waterworks, last of its type built in the UK.
Easton and Anderson 65HP A Frame waterworks beam engine from Roall water pumping
 station in Yorkshire.
Vertical Boiler that feeds the steam to the engines.
Demonstration of how Line Shafting was used to drive machinery in mills and
There where many more smaller engines to see working, plus a die cast model collection and a lovely Hog roast. An interesting couple of hours and worth the entrance fee. See here for info Forncett Museum

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