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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Another Sunny Outing

Thursday night I decided to change the LH wheel bearing again as it was noisy. Getting used to this now so it did not take long to whip the wheel and brake hub off, undo the 4 bolts holding the driveshaft in and remove. Never realised before that you can remove the driveshaft without dismantling the brakes. I took a grinder to the bearing bush, chopping part way through it, then chiselled off the bush as recommended in the Leyland Workshop manual. Could not see much signs of wear with the bearing, but removed anyway and opened the box containing the bearing assy I had bought at an auto jumble. Lesson to be learnt, check the contents when you buy from auto jumbles, the bearing bush was missing!!!!

This meant a dash to Robsport on the Friday afternoon after work to get a bearing bush, and guess what, thet are only sold as a full bearing kit. So £25 lighter the bearings are in and driveshaft fitted. This has cured the problem.

Halfshaft removed with brakes still in position.

Saturday I gave the car a well overdue clean and polish, this has not been done properly since the HCR, under the bonnet was particulary dirty.
Sunday 10th Club Triumph Norfolk took 10 cars to Henham Wings and Wheels. The weather was great, sun all day, slight breeze, leading to some red faces and arms. This is always a very good show, with the light aircraft flying in and out all day and some aerobatic displays adding interest. Most unusual was a tug plane towing a glider around with the glider spinning around on its tow rope, flying upside down before finally being released and heading high, then doing stalls and spins.
A wide variety of classics and vintage cars where on display, here are a few photos of some that took my attention.

Club Triumph Area.

Club Triumph Area.

Stearman Biplane.

Mk11 RS 1800.

Talbot Sunbeam, Vauxhall HS 2300 engine.

My favourite other Wedge!

Pristine Spitfire.

Skoda, Rally prepared.

Nice Triumph.

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