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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Triumph Marque Day-Duxford

The Triumph Marque Day at Duxford Imperial War Museum was a very good day, Norfolk Area met at Fourways Services near Mildenhall, with a convoy of 8 Triumphs, which quickly turned into a fast run!
Must explain convoy behavior at the next meeting!

The day was very hot, with sunburns all round, I had to take shelter in the aircraft hangars on a few occasions, but worth it to see the historic aircraft on display or under renovation, particularly liked the American Display, with the Blackbird, and my favourite yank plane the A10 Thunderbolt. I also liked the Land Warfare Museum, which is set out as trenches/battle zones from the various wars. Apart from the cars in the Marque display there was only 1 other Triumph in the whole museum, and that was a Triumph despatch riders bike in the 2nd World War exhibition.

The cars display had around 500 various Triumphs, most numerous been Stags and TR6, there where some early Triumphs, but for me it was good to see more than 20 TR7's and 8's, my car of the show was the Atlas Van, closely followed by the Coca Cola TR7.

General View of the cars on display.
Coca Cola TR7, this was a prize in a joint Coca Cola/Levis competition, fitted with a fridge, door trims from Levi jeans materials, complete with pockets, I think 2 are still in existence.
On the return journey, the recently installed rear axle drove me mad, the noise I heard, which I thought was the LH driveshaft bearing, and subsequently changed, must instead be from the diff bearings, also a vibration has now set in when backing off, definitely not the propshaft, its a specialist job to change these bearings, so will stick the other axle back in when back from holiday.
To further add to my woes, the radiator seems to have sprung a leak around the bottom outlet, so another job to do before La Carrerra.

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