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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Cracking Weekend

Its being a cracking weekend here in Norfolk, Sunny all weekend and quite warm. Out and about on Saturday we spotted a Herald estate on French plates, we introduced ourselfs and found they where an english couple visiting relatives for a couple of weeks. They may turn up for the drive it day run next week.

French registered Herald Estate.

Also took a trip to the lock-up to check on Gills FHC, which is due back on the road in May, usual things, start up, check lights, check brakes not locked on, etc. Could not get in gear, so presumed a stuck clutch, which was easily cured by starting in gear. Quick spin found everything else ok.
As it is back on the road soon I finally had to confess to Gill about the damage to the wing caused when the lock up door had swung against the car in the wind. Needless to say I am not in her good books!!!


Also took the time on Sunday morning to fit EBC Green stuff brake pads to my 7, only took about an hour. Braking did seem to be improved slightly. With an Mot due soon I noticed that both front shocker gaitors where split, not sure if that means a fail, will have to check with Mot station, whatever its a pig of a job, and means dropping complete front suspension strut. Might also be the right time to fit roller bearings to front strut tops in place of cones for improved low speed steering.

EBC Green stuff Pads ready to be fitted.

The rest of a hot Sunday was spent on a recce for the Norfolk Area Treasure Hunt around The Broads, great driving with the hood down. With only 2 crossings of the River Bure either end of the Broads, and clues on both sides of The Broads there will need to be some careful navigating!

Looking for clues.

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