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Monday, 5 April 2010

Norfolk Area Update

Thought I had better do an update on the Norfolk Area events now the season has started.
Meetings are still well attended,with a few new members,although with the bad weather a few moderns have been seen in Caistor Hotel car park over Jan, Feb, and March, mine included, as I had a brake cylinder leak again.
21st March saw a good contingent of cars from Club Triumph and the Stag Owners Club complete the re-arranged New Years Run, now called the Spring Run!
We where on holiday on the narrow boat, but reports stated that all enjoyed the run.

Some of the runners at Caistor Hall.

Couple more entrants.

At the finish.

Thanks to Keith for the photos.

28th March was the first show of the season, This was Langley Daffodil Day at Langley School near Loddon.
A small show, but well attended with classic cars. We where sidelined with the brake cylinder leak, the TR7 was driveable,but low on silicon brake fluid,I cannot seem to find any silicon fluid to top up in my local motor stores, so had to order on line which did not arrive in time,so we took the modern.
Thankfully there are a large amount of indoor activities, including good food, at Langley where you can keep warm on such a windy and chilly day.

CT Norfolk cars at Langley.

Steam Traction at Langley.

Easter Bank Holiday Gill and I recced the drive it day run for Club Triumph Norfolk, picking a bad day to do it, shortly after leaving home we where met with an enormous storm, rain and hail so heavy the TRs wipers could not cope and we had to pull over for a while.

Storm approaching.

We had picked an interesting route from maps, and after the storm we converted this into Tulip Diagrams as we went along, hopefully making for some easy navigation for the entrants.

Interesting stop on the drive it day route, restored railway station.

Spotted another couple of Triumphs on route.

This year we have lost the big Triumph event of the year in Norfolk, ie The Mile of Triumphs, therefore the main Triumph Clubs are developing a policy of co-ordination eg:- trying to share runs and events, thus on Easter Bank Holiday, 5th of April, Club Triumph Norfolk, TSSC, and Stag Owners Club where invited to join the Wensum TR Register Breckland Run.
Starting at High Lodge in Thetford Forest this pleasant 62 mile run around the Breckland region of Norfolk looped around the army ranges at Santon Downham, where they train for Afganhistan, around the pretty Thetford Heath area and through the large areas covered by Thetford Forest, before a good meal at The Crown in Mundford. Weather was dull, but the rain held off. For the record there where 40 cars, many of which where Stags and TRs 2 to 6, plus the Club Triumph contingent.

Stag Owners and Club Triumphs at the start point.

Some early TRs.

Having a break at 40 mile point.

Club Triumph cars at the finish.

CT Spitfire at the finish.
Thankd to Wensum TR Register for a well organised run.

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