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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Norwich Classic vehicle Club Show

At this time of the year the shows come thick and fast, on Sunday, 5th June, Gill and I took both cars along to the Norwich Classic Vehicle Club Classic Car show. Weather was poor, cloudy and dull in morning, a few showers, the odd minute of sun, then a thunderstorm on way home, forcing me to dive under a tree to put the hood up.
Quite a few Triumphs around, both from CT Norfolk area and Norwich Classic Vehicle Club.
I foolishly took along my DHC, even after having confirmed the head gasket is on its way out with a gas test, was only about 20 miles to the show and I had not used it for work during the week, so thought what the hell, did not have any overheating on temp gauge, but definately used some water, coming through Norwich on the way home I had the fan on overide just in case. It goes in to Anglian Triumph for Head gasket and skim next week.
A few pictures of show, Triumph biased.

Our 2 sevens on show.
More cars, Nissan Figaros crept in again. There was a Best in car award to 4 places, 3 places picked by entrants, and one by organisers, I was surprised that 2 Marinas won awards!, one in this picture.

Few more Triumphs.

Nice early Spitfire.

Car of the Show for me was this Stanley Steam Car, I admire the dedication to a) restore something like this, b) drive in modern traffic.

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